Semantic Collective Intelligence
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sciGaia builds core technology to support people across the globe who collaborate, innovate, create, and manage solutions for the world’s most pressing problems. We are guided by a sense of service, focused on making a positive impact on the sustainable well-being of humans, our societies, and the environment that supports us. Central to our mission is to help establish multi-stakeholder collaboration and decision making systems based upon Wealth Accounting, a methodology that measures the stocks and flows of social, environmental, economic, and human variables. We also focus on complimentary technology that supports cross domain collaboration and knowledge sharing. By implementing applications worldwide, our goal is to contribute to building sustainable wealth and well-being.


The world is changing rapidly, often exponentially, presenting complex interrelated problems that affect people and the earth. In order to solve these problems, citizens, policy makers and knowledge workers need to collaborate and integrate their knowledge and perspectives across domains of knowledge and value systems. We also need to improve the way we analyze and make policy decisions, which currently favor purely economic factors. True local and worldwide sustainable wealth and well-being are based upon the complex interplay between factors that include but are far more comprehensive than economic facts. We need to move away from decisions based principally on monetary measures.


sciGaia has developed core technology, complementary supporting applications and a set of services for citizens, governments, businesses, and nonprofits around the world. Our family of sciProfile™ applications is designed to improve cross domain collaboration in support of innovation, discovery, and development. WealthView™ is the first implementation of subnational Wealth Accounting in the world; an online multi-stakeholder decision support system and smart information grid designed to improve the way we evaluate and create policies spanning economic, environmental, human, and social factors. Our first implementation of WealthView™ is in the Wealth of Montana project, an initiative focused on improving statewide decision making that builds sustainable wealth and wellbeing.

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