sciGaia builds core technology to support people across the globe who collaborate, innovate, create, and manage solutions to help solve the world’s most pressing problems. We are a for-profit company guided by a sense of service, focused on making a positive impact on the well-being of humans, our societies, and the environment that supports us. sciGaia has developed leading edge technology in two broad but related categories:

People Discovery and Collaboration

  • sciProfile ™ is an online application designed to make it easy to find people and opportunities, and to stimulate collaboration and innovation. sciProfile is an important resource for people working in Universities, Research Organizations, government organizations, businesses, nonprofits, and for entrepreneurs.
  • Organizations are defined by their people, but too often, there is little insight into the extraordinary and diverse knowledge and capabilities embodied in those individuals – what we call their profile. This is typically due to poorly designed data systems and lack of knowledge about the people who make up those organizations.
  • sciProfile captures detailed and relevant information about each individual’s knowledge and accomplishments, and provides tools to make it easy to find those individuals and their knowledge products based on a wide range of search criteria.


One of the founders of sciGaia helped to build a global consortium and a world leading company focused on a digital language designed to normalize the global vocabulary of business reporting.
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