Setting standards for the global community

One of the founders of sciGaia helped to build a global consortium and a world leading company focused on a digital language designed to normalize the global vocabulary of business reporting. The standard is called eXtensible Business Reporting Language, XBRL, and is now adopted worldwide. We have seen the enormous value that is produced when the world adopts common language to describe common things. Things become comparable, portable, and usable by an enormous range of technologies, programs, and people.

In the case of science, there are a number of initiatives designed to do something similar to what was done with XBRL – normalize language and data within specific domains of knowledge. There are enormous benefits that stem from the widespread use of authoritative definitions and language. It is easier to find, use, and expand upon information, thereby producing enormous gains in productivity of knowledge workers. This is the essential vision of the semantic web.

Science and other disciplines depend upon publications as a central body of authoritative knowledge, yet we are still using an essentially paper-based system. Documents are typically printed or converted to PDF, and it is very difficult to find information without requiring a lot of human reading, a very time-consuming exercise. If those documents were redesigned to take advantage of standard language, and tagged to make it easier to discover information locked inside of those documents, a great deal of value can be realized. Our solution is SciLive™.

sciGaia is leveraging our experience in helping build a global platform to now help build a set of global resources that will help improve the productivity of innovation. We are focused on helping create normalized, semantically accessible knowledge and publications, and leveraging this knowledge platform by building collaborative and virtual global technologies that will allow knowledge workers to collaborate on innovating and solving problems.


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