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Gary Gannon, sciGaia’s founders and Executive Manager, has a successful record putting web technology, programming, structured data, science and scientific publishing, data analysis, and collaboration to work for the benefit of people, for profit and for the planet. Our team is dedicated to helping improve the productivity of science in order to support scientists and knowledge workers who will discover solutions for pressing problems around the world.

Gary Gannon | Executive Manager at sciGaia

Gary Gannon

| Executive Manager

Mr. Gannon has spent over forty years creating and growing companies in diverse fields, including technology, software development, AI, Internet commerce, financial services, and real estate. Mr. Gannon played a key role in developing the internationally accepted data language and related global consortium called eXtensible Business Reporting Language (XBRL), a meta-language based on XML for describing business information, which has become a Global Standard, adopted by the European Union, the (US) FDIC and SEC (among others), and most of the world’s developed nations. He co-founded UBmatrix, a world leader in XBRL-based software and data exchange. Mr. Gannon is currently focused on state, national, and international initiatives designed to improve policy making that leverages Real Wealth Metrics, a methodology that goes beyond fiscal accounting by including the explicit value of social, environmental, and human factors.

Rob Lindner | Project Development Lead at sciGaia

Rob Lindner

| Project Development Lead

With degrees in Wildlife Biology from the University of Montana and in Conservation Science from Imperial College London, Mr. Lindner has worked on wildlife and conservation issues around the world, in the field, lab and office, for government agencies, universities, and a variety of NGOs. As his work transitioned from wildlife-specific studies to landscape-scale conservation, he became more interested in human development and associated effects. Recognizing the importance of human well-being for conservation outcomes, he founded the Sentinel Outdoor Institute to build capacity, help create and guide sustainable industries for areas blessed with natural resources, and improve healthcare in remote areas.

A bit of a serial entrepreneur, Mr. Lindner divides his time between four very diverse organizations covering a wide spectrum of subjects including ranching and ranchland conservation, real estate remediation and development, healthcare and risk management, outdoor recreation, conservation and development, and facilitating collaboration and scientific progress. He has increasingly become interested in measuring and improving efficiency, effectiveness and impact, whether of a business investment, conservation intervention, or public policy.

Erik Thomsen | Advisory Board Member at sciGaia

Erik Thomsen

| Consulting Chief Technology Officer

Mr. Thomsen provides technical and strategic advise related to data structures and platforms for sciGaia. Mr. Thomsen has over 20 years experience creating state-of-the-art analytical software technologies and the business applications they support in addition to high level consulting to technology consumers, vendors, and industry organizations. He is the author or co-author of several textbooks including OLAP Solutions: Building Multidimensional Information Systems, 2nd edition, which is used in both graduate computer science and MBA programs. He has been sought after by government agencies since the mid 90′s on complex modeling issues such as fusing together economic, environmental, and demographic information.

Erik was co-founder and Chief Scientists at DSSLab, a consulting and software development company focused on business intelligence ‘BI’, and decision support systems. Erik was distinguished scientist at Hyperion Solution, and earlier was chief scientist at Dimensional Systems, a consulting organization that specialized in decision support/BI model design, implementation, and custom programming. His clients included some of the world’s premier organizations such as Intel, AC Nielsen, Oracle, Microsoft, and Lucent. Erik was also an aggregation specialist at the World Bank. There he implemented a variety of socio-environmental-economic models. Mr. Thomsen is currently Principal Scientist at Charles River Analytics in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

John O’Connor | Senior Economic and Wealth Metrics Advisor

John O’Connor

| Senior Economic and Wealth Metrics Advisor

Mr. O'Connor has 50 years’ experience designing decision-support systems for international organizations, governments, and corporations. Currently he leads the design of sciGaia’s Wealth Accounting and Metrics initiatives associated with WealthView™ and the Wealth of Montana project.

Previously Mr. O'Connor was team lead advising on wealth assessment for Abu Dhabi’s Environment Agency: The Emirate sustainability framework (2007-9); Assessed the United Nation’s Food and Agriculture Organization’s institution’s forecasting methodology and integration of projections with historical data systems (2006). While serving at the World Bank, he created/managed the environmental monitoring system as Senior Advisor in Environment Department (1992-5) and overhauled the Bank’s decision support system for financial preferences, etc., as Chief of Comparative Analysis and Data (1986-92). Earlier in his career, Mr. O’Connor created and managed monitoring system for international banking at the International Monetary Fund (1982-85); worked as ‘Knowledge broker’ between systems experts and economists on creating historical and projections data systems (1964-85) and worked on revision of the UN System of National Accounts (UNSNA) - both 1968 and 1992 revisions, 1964-85.

Brent Brock | Spatial Analysis and Mapping Lead at sciGaia

Brent Brock

| Spatial Analysis and Mapping Lead

Brent is a wildlife biologist and owner of HoloScene Wildlife Services LLC, a private consulting company dedicated to protecting and restoring ecological integrity at all scales. Brent has over 30 years’ professional experience in ecology and wildlife conservation. At the Konza Prairie Biological Station, he served as Information Manager and studied bison grazing ecology. While working for the Wildlife Conservation Society, he conducted a landscape-level wildlife conservation assessment of the Madison Valley in Montana. While at Craighead Institute, he incorporated theories of landscape ecology into the conservation of large, complex ecosystems.

Brent combines innovative analytical techniques with GIS mapping to combine landscape-scale conservation planning with local land use decision making. These tools help professionals and private land owners to make better decisions about land management to protect our wildlife and the habitat on which they depend.

Paolo Ciccarese | Advisory Board Member at sciGaia

Paolo Ciccarese, Ph.D.

| Advisory Board Member

Dr. Ciccarese is a world expert and leader in annotation of scientific publications. Dr. Ciccarese is faculty at Harvard University, Massachusetts General Hospital, and co-chairs the W3C Annotation Ontology workgroup.

He is a senior scientist and software engineer, working in the bio-medical informatics field since the year 2000. His extensive background in software engineering, knowledge management, and biomedical informatics, together with his great interest in cutting edge technologies provides the necessary scaffold for him to transform the ideas and needs of fellow scientists into production-quality software enabling technological innovations in research environments.

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