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01 Jul 2015

Wealth Accounting

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Central to WealthView™ is wealth accounting/wealth metrics, a methodology developed by one of our team members, John O’Connor. While Senior Advisor in the World Bank’s Environmental Department, John concluded that the Bank’s performance should be judged by its role in promoting the wealth of nations. At that time, wealth was measure as GDP, but John and other thought leaders realized “Wealth” is broadly defined to include environmental and social factors as well as confidential economic assets and liabilities. As a result, the World Bank published a report on this subject matter, Monitoring Environmental Progress (MEP) written by John in 1995. John helped create Wealth Accounting, a new method for measuring the multiple factors that contribute to wealth and created the first assessment of the wealth of nations based on this methodology (integrated physical-social-economic accounting). The report was cited as an important new method for measuring wealth.

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