Consulting Services

sciGaia works with government institutions, public leaders, communities, philanthropic organizations and other non-profits, and private companies. Our goal is to provide our clients with objective, honest, carefully researched information useful for understanding problems and risks and information resources focused on solving problems, reducing risks, and creating effective policy outcomes that map to our client’s goals and values.

Our team has long experience working with complex multidimensional data sets, and pay close attention to the quality and robustness of the data that will be used for analysis. Of special importance is our nearly unique understanding of wealth accounting and wealth metrics that allow us to gain insight into the causes and outcomes of conditions that require an understanding of the complex interplay between social, environmental, economic and human variables. To learn more about Wealth Accounting, click here.

We provide compelling text, maps, charts, and other types of visualizations that help convert complex subjects into a form that can provide deeper understanding and insight into patterns that otherwise are hard to comprehend.

Decision Making Platforms

In many cases, we can leverage the significant work that went into WealthView™ as a delivery platform for a wide range of research subjects, especially those that require and integrated understanding of the multiple factors that determine the current state of a region, or the options for the future based on specific policy options.

Public Presentations

We are available to present our research findings for government and private groups, for the media, at conferences, or for other public venues.


sciGaia provides independent, apolitical, science and data-driven objective research and consulting services that leverages our team’s extensive experience in conducting complex research projects in fields that include:

  • International, national, state, and regional economic assessments, decision support systems, policy development guidance, and Key Performance indicators

  • Wealth metrics and assessments that measure integrated social, environmental, economic, and human variables

  • Sustainable development, renewable energy and energy policy, water value assessments and water policy

  • Policy-related human opinion and values research

Past Research

Montana Renewable Portfolio: 10 Years of Renewable Energy

sciGaia was selected to provide an assessment of the 10 year anniversary of the Montana Renewable Energy Portfolio Standard. On completion of the project, we presented our findings at a State of Montana conference followed by an address from Governor Bullock.

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