sciProfile™ Overview

sciProfile™ is an online resource designed by sciGaia to make it easy to find people and opportunities, and to stimulate collaboration and innovation. sciProfile is an important tool for people working in Universities, Research Organizations, government organizations, businesses, and nonprofits.

Organizations are defined by their people, but too often, there is little insight into the extraordinary and diverse knowledge and capabilities embodied in those individuals – what we call their profile. This is typically due to poorly designed data systems and lack of knowledge about the people who make up those organizations.

Imagine a system that captures detailed and relevant information about each individual’s knowledge and accomplishments, and provides tools to make it easy to find those individuals and their knowledge products based on a wide range of search criteria. This is sciProfile!

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Product Line

sciProfile™ Academic

sciProfile Academic is designed for use by academic and research institutions. The online application provides a common database for all data associated with faculty and researchers education, skills, interests, publications, and much more. Since there is a common database, it is possible for all users of sciProfile Academic to look up information on any other organization using the application. Additionally, the application includes an automated grant matching system that looks up and provides users with the latest grant opportunities mapped to their research institutes.

  • Publically available user profiles are added to sciProfile automatically
  • Rapid and intelligent access to everyone’s profile in an organization or government
  • Find the right people using context-based search and automated pattern matching
  • Pose questions to a pool of knowledgeable people best suited to provide answers
  • Government and private funding opportunities automatically matched to researchers
  • See publication histories and co-authors, along with a map showing the location of those authors
  • Generate reports in several formats, including a CV or resume
  • Add presentations, data, publications, credentials, innovations, videos, and other resources
  • System-wide administration reporting tools
  • Visualizations and maps that capture relationships between people

sciProfile™ Startup Ecosystem

This innovative online application is designed to dramatically improve entrepreneurial success and development of startup ecosystems in any city or region. The application provides a searchable database of people’s profiles and resources, and systems for improving people’s access to other people or resources relevant to starting and growing startup organizations. Automated bots immediately link entrepreneurial requests to the people, information, and resources they need. Users can gain points for using the system and helping other users through creation of links, blog entries, videos, and other materials.

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