Imagine a new way to evaluate and make decisions – a way that accounts for all of the things that really matter: people’s values and understanding of what counts most, the condition of our water, forests, animals, ecosystems; the social framework that provides healthcare, education, rule of law, freedom of expression; and the health of the economy and the economic wellbeing of our citizens. WealthView™ is a powerful new online application designed to do just that: help society make better decisions based on a comprehensive understanding of the factors that really matter.

WealthView™ is a web-based Smart Information Grid (SIG) and decision-support system; a new kind of online software framework that can link academic researchers, corporate analysts, government officials, NGOs and the public in a multi-stakeholder dialogue around a common set of data-driven, integrated social, environmental, economic, and human assessments called wealth accounts.

The application is designed to improve, in transparent fashion, decisions that lead to sustainable wealth and wellbeing of people and the environment. WealthView works for any geography – cities, counties, provinces, states, or entire countries. The system provides insight into the present state of a given geography as well as historical trends and future what-if projections based upon one or more policy options.

In contrast to Gross Domestic Product (GDP), the commonly used economic measurement system, WealthView™ sees a society’s productive base as a portfolio of assets (and liabilities) that includes the value of economic, social, human, and environmental components. Major features of the application include the following:

  • Thematic Indicators (views across a range of these components) lets users recognize items individually as separate quantities in the portfolio.

  • Value Signals are captured from policy stakeholders that allows WealthView™ to compare user views about the importance and price of relevant variables - a process consistent with methodologies used in cutting edge business and national accounting.

  • Performance Indicators that provide powerful visual methods of scoring how one geographical area compares with others across a wide range of variables.

  • Wealth Assessments show how such accounting combines the Quantities and Prices to estimate and project the total wealth, and net worth, of each geographical area being measured.

Thus, WealthView is designed to let users consider alternative futures in which multiple types of assets are valued more in line with a user’s perceptions. If your government or private organization is interested in making better policy decisions and building sustainable wealth and wellbeing, please contact us.

WealthView™ in Action

As the first public demonstration of WealthView™, sciGaia, in collaboration with the Institute on Ecosystems, the University of Montana, Montana State University, and other universities in Montana is launching an exciting project leveraging WealthView™ called The Wealth of Montana™. This project is designed to provide policy and decision-making assessments and tools that will measure the social, environmental, economic, and human variables in Montana that contribute to building sustainable wealth and wellbeing. Learn More…

Licensing WealthView™

If you are interested in developing a project focused on a specific geography or organization that will provide deep insight into the current state of affairs, and provide tools for evaluating the impact of decisions on the future, please contact us. We will be happy to evaluate you needs and provide a proposal for researching the data relevant to your project and implementing the data, projections, and visualizations in WealthView™.

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