Wealth of Montana™

The Wealth of Montana™ Project

Montana needs the ability to analyze, in a multi-stakeholder fashion, how changes in its physical, social and economic environment can best inform state and regional policies to maximize the sustainable well-being of its citizens and environment. The Wealth of Montana is an online multi-stakeholder decision support system that utilizes a smart information grid that will address this need and provide long-term value for Montana citizens and policy makers.

Our vision is that this project will set a standard for policy evaluation and decision support, and that the application will spread to other states and countries, and be used by policy makers in government, NGO’s, and organizations that need to measure the true impact of alternative policies and decisions. Furthermore, our long term vision is that Wealth Accounting will increasingly become adopted as global standard. Our societies and the planet will benefit when the concept of wealth shifts from purely economic benefits and consumption to sustainable wellbeing.

The sciGaia team is managing this project, working with exceptional researchers in the state who will be providing insight into the complex interactions that take place in our society and environment. These insights, models, and related data will improve our understanding of the key drivers of change and help identify risks and opportunities to improve future outcomes in policy making related to education, health, tourism, economic development, environmental stewardship, rule of law, development, and resources, and many other categories.

When completed, policy leaders, nonprofits, researchers, and the public will have access to an online application that provides comprehensive data and rich visualizations that assesses hundreds of social, environmental, economic, and human variables and indicators. Users will be able to see how one county compares with all other counties in Montana, and evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of each geography. With this information, it will be easier to focus on policies and actions that can improve wealth and wellbeing. Furthermore, the system will allow citizens and organizations to provide online feedback about specific policies and their own personal values that describes what matters most to them.

sciGaia is working closely with the Institute on Ecosystems, the University of Montana, Montana State Universities, and other organizations on the development of this important project. The University of Montana Foundation has set up the Wealth of Montana Fund in support of this project.

How You Can Help

If you or your organization is interested in donating to the tax deductible charitable fund, please contact Gary Gannon via email at Gary @ sciGaia.com or call 406-586-3388. Your contribution can help build sustainable wealth and wellbeing in Montana, and set an example of best practice for evaluating and making wise policy decisions that protect and nourish people and planet.

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