Who We Are

Our Unique Value Propositions

The sciGaia team has decades of experience building decision support and data systems locally and globally. The company builds visually intuitive online platforms based on complex databases and analytics and provides consulting services that help clients turn their initiatives into compelling interactive applications.

Over the last few years, sciGaia has invested significant resources building collaborative assessment and decision support platforms that help organizations cost-effectively implement complex projects. These platforms are designed to incorporate client-requested quantitative and qualitative data sets, dashboards, analytics, visualizations, and stakeholder values for a given location, and seamlessly integrate the completed platform into an organization’ website.

sciGaia’s platforms supports multi-stakeholder collaboration, decision making, and progress tracking based on user-selected progress indicator sets. The result is improved community understanding of complex topics, more effective collaboration, higher quality assessments, better investment analysis and trackable interventions, allowing organizations to make better decisions based on rigorous data and analysis in record time for less cost.

Team Expertise

One of our team members developed an innovative method for measuring the wealth of nations for the World Bank called Wealth Metrics, an alternative to Gross Domestic Product (GDP) used to measure the wealth of nations. The method integrates and analyzes social, environmental, economic, and human variables that are relevant to understanding human health, community resiliency, social fitness, and environmental quality. We believe Wealth Metrics provides a much more comprehensive and meaningful assessment of what matters when measuring and building sustainable wellbeing. We leverage Wealth Metrics as a baseline for our decision support and analytical systems.

Another member of the team helped create a global standard for reporting called XBRL, now adopted by over 30 countries including the United States, European Union, and throughout Asia. This experience helps inform our approach to organizing data names, concepts, and definitions that leverages widely accepted conventions and principals.

Our development team, GIS experts, and graphics experts help convert complex quantitative and qualitative data into intuitive interactive maps and visualizations.

Read our team bios to learn more about each member's particular expertise.

What We Do

sciGaia developed several customizable online platforms that were designed to help decision-makers and stakeholders collaboratively evaluate community health and development, population migration and growth, agriculture, water, economics, social infrastructure, and environmental health. These platforms can be used individually or integrated into a seamless whole.

Together, these tools allow organizations to benefit from an integrated online and interactive data-driven system that helps provide stakeholder insight into what is relevant to building health and sustainable wellbeing.

  • We provide services and platforms that help you gain insight into the condition of your community and tools to improve sustainable wellbeing
  • Integrate and analyze quantitative and qualitative data representative of well being.
  • sciGaia is a world leader in wealth metrics, a method designed by one of our team to measure the wealth of nations across social, environmental, economic, and human variables
  • Build web-based decision management platforms focused on community health, prosperity, and resilience
  • sciGaia’s team has decades of experience in designing complex quantitative and qualitative databases, structured taxonomies, and global languages and indicator sets.
  • Conduct research and analysis that provides objective and comprehensive insight across a wide range of subject areas, supported by authoritative data and stakeholder values
  • This includes evaluating water quantity, quality, use, and value designed to help protect and sustain water supply
  • Web-based platforms for collaboration, capturing stakeholder values, and for discovering and connecting people and resources