Water insight through clear data

Discover the quantity, quality, use, ownership, and value of water for your region,
and plan to optimize the supply to better meet the needs of people and the environment,
now and in the future.

Water Solutions

sciGaia developed hydroLogic™, an online data-rich platform designed to help decision-makers and researchers understand the current and probable future state of water in their city, county, or state.


Interactive maps, visualizations, and what-if scenario tools allow you to see the key patterns associated with water and provide information that will allow you to make decisions related to managing water now and in the future.

HydroLogic™ screenshot Flood Map

The hydroLogic™ platform integrates a range of variables associated with the amount and quality of water within a given watershed or community, and evaluates how water is used by households, agriculture, commerce, recreation, and energy.

HydroLogic™ screenshot of exempt wells in Gallatin County