Wealth is more than money

True wealth – sustainable wellbeing – derives from the interplay between social,
environmental, economic, and human factors vetted by human values.

Wealth Analysis

If your goal is to determine a sound basis for evaluating the status of your community, the health of your citizens, social structures, or environment; and to make decisions based on relevant facts; then you need to use a systems-thinking approach.  sciGaia can help.  As world experts in Wealth Metrics – integrated assessment of quantitative and qualitative information – we can provide you with tools that will improve your insight into what matters and what you could be doing to create sustainable wellbeing for your community or state.

Community Development Solutions

The wellbeing of a community depends upon balanced investment in and monitoring of the economy, social infrastructure, environment, and the health and education of our citizens. Too often, policies and decisions made regarding a community focus only on economic facts, and this can lead to a misunderstanding of the true drivers of wealth creation and wellbeing of citizens and the environment they depend on. sciGaia can help your community gain insight into the current condition of your community, and to craft and track policies that can help build sustainable wellbeing.

sciGaia developed the WealthView™ platform based on Wealth Metrics that measures and values social, environmental, economic, and human factors in your community that contribute to building or eroding wealth and wellbeing. When integrated with sciProfile™, WealthView™ and WealthView for Health™ allow stakeholders to discover people, organizations, and resources in their community, and to collaborate on building solutions to pressing problems. Together, these applications provide a powerful set of tools that can help a community identify and act upon strategies that lead to improvements in the economy, the environment, and human health and wellbeing.

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