sciGaia – Wellbeing Analytics

Better decisions through systems thinking

sciGaia takes a systems approach to information, integrating and analyzing a full spectrum of quantitative and qualitative data to improve insight and decision making.

Water insight through clear data

Discover the quantity, quality, use, ownership, and value of water for your region, and plan to optimize the supply to better meet the needs of people and the environment, now and in the future.

Crisis Preparedness and Response Solutions

Community Needs Tracker™ is a new kind of data service that provides a lightweight online resource for community organizations (and any members of the community) to express needs, to track and share them, and to support and coordinate responses.

Building community fitness

sciGaia helps stakeholders discover the factors that lead to building or degrading wealth and wellbeing, and use that knowledge to build fit and resilient communities.

Gain insight into complex topics

Discover how sciGaia can help you evaluate a topic and find the hidden factors that contribute to deeper understanding.

Supporting community services

Evaluate capacity, load and gaps in critical social functions with simple data services and a light online resource