Better decisions through systems thinking

sciGaia takes a systems approach to information, integrating and analyzing a full spectrum of quantitative and qualitative data to improve insight and decision making.

Building community fitness

sciGaia helps stakeholders discover the factors that lead to building or degrading wealth and wellbeing, and use that knowledge to build fit and resilient communities.

Water insight through clear data

Discover the quantity, quality, use, ownership, and value of water for your region, and plan to optimize the supply to better meet the needs of people and the environment, now and in the future.

Discover and collaborate

Let sciGaia help you build collaborative processes by developing a rich communication platform that facilitates the discovery and connectivity of people and resources.

Wealth is more than money

True wealth, sustainable wellbeing, derives from the interplay of social, environmental, economic, and human factors vetted by human values.

Improving health outcomes

Gain insight into conditions that affect human health outcomes, then use that knowledge to improve community wellbeing.

Gain insight into complex topics

Discover how sciGaia can help you evaluate a topic and find the hidden factors that contribute to deeper understanding.

Expand your impact through video

sciGaia can help you create short and impactful videos that will help deliver your message out to more people in less time.