The sciGaia team has created custom solutions for water coalitions, community health organizations, private sector corporations and governments:

Solution Services

At sciGaia, we use a three phased approach to developing customer solutions.

In phase one, we begin with where the customer is now.  We produce a report of the customer’s current state.  The key thing:  we look at the whole.   The current state is not just the current wellbeing state.  Current state includes everything:  yes, the current state of observations but also current believed correlations, current believed predictions, current goals, current plans, current projects being executed and the meta attributes of the relevant information.

In phase two, we engage with the client to help them define their ideal state, as always, in terms of the TrueView WellBeing Framework.  The ideal state includes a long-term vision, possibly one or more medium-term visions, and one or more possible next steps/projects.  Though our focus is on the immediate project(s), it is critical to assess how it/they contribute to the longer-term vision.

Deliverables include (a) well-defined project plan(s) including:

·       Tasking – who does what for how much with what oversight and review processes

·       Systematic reviews and options for improvement

·       Projected main outcomes

·       Projected Environmental impacts

·       Projected real social – (personal, family, company, government, macro) impacts

·       Projected financial– (personal, family, company, government, macro) impacts.

In phase three, the client’s project is executed.  sciGaia’s staff will perform any tasks assigned to it in phase two.  This typically includes monitoring and evaluating project performance in terms of TrueView’s Wellbeing Indicator Framework and may also include custom software development. Depending on the client, software development could be as simple as a bunch of excel macros combined with a map interface, or as complex as cutting-edge AI combined with huge data volumes on hybrid graph-relational databases.

●      If you’re an impact portfolio manager, sciGaia can enhance the value of financial disclosures by adding ESG Impact Metrics that are immune from greenwashing and can be meaningfully aggregated to industry, regional, and global levels to support fiscally sound environmental and social policy.

●      If you’re an impact investment manager, sciGaia can build data driven models of the environment and human society, and of the impacts (positive and negative) on both by the processes realized by corporations in an effort to align the wants of private impact investors with what is most closely needed by the world.

●      If you’re a corporation, sciGaia can show you how to calculate the real impacts and/or the financial risks associated with your current business practices and produce ESG risk-adjusted financials that are immune from greenwashing.

●      If you’re an environmentally-focused NGO, like a water planner, sciGaia can show you where beneficial land use has water requirements that exceed projected supply as well as the economic impacts of changing environmental patterns (e.g., weather).

●      I If you’re a community health-focused NGO, sciGaia can show you where projected real needs are likely to outstrip your capacity, as well as how to calculate the Social Return On Investment for early childhood education or probation or substance abuse treatment or any kind of real social need.


HydroLogic logo

Water insight through clear data

Discover the quantity, quality, use, ownership, and value of water for your region,
and plan to optimize the supply to better meet the needs of people and the environment,
now and in the future.

Water Solutions

sciGaia developed HydroLogic™, an online data-rich solution designed to help decision-makers and researchers understand the current and probable future state of water in their city, county, or state.

Interactive maps, visualizations, and what-if scenario tools allow you to see the key patterns associated with water and provide information that will allow you to make decisions related to managing water now and in the future.

HydroLogic™ integrates a range of variables associated with the quantity and quality of water within a given watershed or community, and evaluates how water is used by households, agriculture, commerce, recreation, and energy.

Coalition Connect™

Empower community coalitions to tackle social change

This online solution is designed to enhance the work of community coalitions across the social sector. Targeted areas include substance use prevention and treatment, homelessness, food insecurity, housing and community health. The solution includes a dashboard designed to facilitate communication, collaboration, support decision making, store resources and manage data.

Coalition Connect - Substance Abuse

Yellowstone County Substance Abuse Connect Coalition uses a custom version of Coalition Connect to address multiple challenges related to substance abuse, including rising healthcare and criminal justice costs, family disruption, and community safety. The Coalition Connect dashboard is a resource for the coalition of experts that have come together to help solve these challenging problems.

Benefits of the solution include the ability of coalition members to gather online (critical during social distancing requirements), evaluate priorities, strategies, and activities, assign tasks, create solutions, and track progress. Users can easily store and retrieve documents, links, and videos associated with workgroup activities. Interactive maps and visualizations provide an intuitive way to see patterns in neighborhoods relevant to substance abuse. The online solution is an essential and central resource for the coalition.


Help us understand how COVID-19 has impacted you and what needs you have moving beyond COVID-19.

Essential Child Care Needs Covid & Beyond

ENHANCE is a collaborative initiative to address child care needs across the state of Montana. Due to COVID-19 school and business closures resulted in cascading affects to families, providers, businesses and schools. The statewide socio-economic impact of COVID-19 is significant. Moving beyond COVID-19 child care has a direct correlation to the resiliency and ability for the state to re-open. ENHANCE has a mission to ensure Montana re-opens more resilient by addressing the cascading affects and resources needed across families, providers, businesses and schools.

The results of this comprehensive survey will be publicly shared through a free webinar to introduce action plans that engage with community leaders including care providers, schools and businesses.

Community Needs Tracker

Supporting community services

Evaluate capacity, load and gaps in critical social functions with simple data services and a light online resource.

Crisis Preparedness and Response Solutions

Community Needs Tracker™ is a new kind of data service that provides a lightweight online resource for community organizations (and any members of the community) to express needs and resources, to track and share them, and to support and coordinate responses. The service coalesces information from multiple sources to track crisis impacts on the community, and identifies specific needs for different populations in real time, allowing funders and donors to target resources to current needs.

Community Needs Tracker™ facilitates the job of collaborators in organizing nonprofit need and response, complementing network structures like the Incident Command System. Provides simple and effective visualizations and communication vehicles for response organizations to share their findings and their needs both in real and in financial terms with local, state, and federal government, and other funders/donors.

Community Healthview™

Community HealthView logo

Improving health outcomes

Gain insight into conditions that affect human health outcomes
then use that knowledge to improve community wellbeing.

Health and Wellness Solutions

Community HealthView™ is an online solution that allows communities to gain insight into the factors that drive health outcomes, and provide methods for health providers, community organizations, businesses, and citizens to work together to improve the health of their community members.

Health is a result of the conditions of one’s life. Income, education, culture, stress, access to healthy food, sense of empowerment all combine to influence our life span and state of health. sciGaia has developed tools that allow communities to evaluate those conditions, sometimes referred to as the Social Determinants of Health.