The sciGaia team is united around the mission to use integrated disciplinary approaches and systems thinking to develop solutions to pressing problems with the ultimate goal of creating sustainable wellbeing.

What We Do

Our Unique Value Propositions

The sciGaia team has decades of experience building data and decision support systems locally and globally. The company builds visually intuitive, custom online platforms based on databases, structured taxonomies, and indicator sets to provide insight into customer topics.  sciGaia also conducts research and analytic consulting services that provide objective and comprehensive evaluation, supported by authoritative data and stakeholder values, as well as services that help clients turn their initiatives into compelling interactive applications.

Over the last few years, sciGaia has invested significant resources building collaborative assessment and decision support platforms that help organizations cost-effectively implement complex projects. These platforms are designed to incorporate client-requested quantitative and qualitative data sets, analytics, dashboards and visualizations, stakeholder values for a given location, and seamlessly integrate the completed platform into an organization’ website.

sciGaia’s platform supports multi-stakeholder collaboration, decision making, and progress tracking based on user-selected progress indicator sets. The result is improved community understanding of complex topics, more effective collaboration, higher quality assessments, better investment analysis and trackable interventions; allowing organizations to make better decisions about building health and sustainable wellbeing based on rigorous data and analysis in record time for less cost.

Who We Are

Photo of Gary Gannon

Gary Gannon

Founder, Executive Manager

Gary Gannon has been an entrepreneur for over 45 years, having formed and run many successful companies in multiple fields, including AI, software, database, and web development, financial services, and decision support. Gary played a key role in developing the international data language and related global consortium called eXtensible Business Reporting Language (XBRL), an XML digital language for describing business information, which has become a Global Standard, adopted by over 30 countries. He co-founded a world leading XBRL-based software and data exchange company that operated globally. His company built the International Accounting Standards taxonomy used by most countries in the world.
Gary is active in Montana community development and startup ecosystems. He is the inaugural Entrepreneur in Residence at Montana State University, Bozeman.

Gary is currently focused on sciGaia’s state, national, and international initiatives designed to improve policy making that leverages Wealth Metrics, a methodology that goes beyond fiscal accounting by including the explicit value of social, environmental, and human factors. He is driven by purpose and is working with his team on a powerful and intuitive decision-making platforms designed to improve human health, community prosperity, environmental resiliency, and sustainable water supply.

Photo of Rob Lindner

Rob Lindner

Executive Manager

Studying Wildlife Biology at the University of Montana and Conservation Science at Imperial College London, Rob Lindner has worked on wildlife and conservation issues around the world in the field, lab and office, for government agencies, universities, and a variety of NGOs. As his work transitioned from wildlife-specific studies to landscape-scale conservation, he became more interested in the drivers of conservation need, human development and associated effects. Recognizing the importance of human well-being for conservation outcomes, he co-founded the Sentinel Outdoor Institute to build capacity and guide sustainable industries for regions blessed with natural resources, as well as to improve healthcare in remote areas.

Rob divides his time between four diverse organizations covering a wide spectrum of subjects, each exploring socio-ecological systems, including ranching and ranchland conservation, real estate remediation and development, conservation and community development, and facilitating collaboration and science dissemination. He has increasingly become interested in measuring and improving efficiency, effectiveness and impact, whether of a development investment, conservation intervention or public policy, and sciGaia is the vehicle for doing so.

Photo of Erik Thomsen

Erik Thomsen

Consulting Chief Technology Officer

Erik Thomsen provides technical and strategic advice related to data structures and platforms for sciGaia. Erik has over 25 years’ experience creating state-of-the-art analytical software technologies and the business applications they support in addition to high level consulting to technology consumers, vendors, and industry organizations. He is the author or co-author of several textbooks including OLAP Solutions: Building Multidimensional Information Systems, 2nd edition, which is used in both graduate computer science and MBA programs. He has been sought after by government agencies since the mid 90′s on complex modeling issues such as fusing together economic, environmental, and demographic information.

Erik was co-founder and Chief Scientists at DSSLab, a consulting and software development company focused on business intelligence ‘BI’, and decision support systems. Erik was distinguished scientist at Hyperion Solution, and earlier was chief scientist at Dimensional Systems, a consulting organization that specialized in decision support/BI model design, implementation, and custom programming. His clients included some of the world’s premier organizations such as Intel, AC Nielsen, Oracle, Microsoft, and Lucent. Erik was also an aggregation specialist at the World Bank. There he implemented a variety of socio-environmental-economic models. Erik is currently Chief Technology Officer at Blender Logic in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Photo of John O'Connor

John O'Connor

Senior Economic and Wealth Metrics Advisor

John O'Connor has 50 years’ experience designing decision-support systems for international organizations, governments, and corporations. Currently he leads the design of sciGaia’s Wealth Accounting and Metrics initiatives associated with WealthView™, WealthView for Health™, and the Wealth of Montana project.

Previously John was team lead advising on wealth assessment for Abu Dhabi’s Environment Agency: The Emirate sustainability framework (2007-9); Assessed the United Nation’s Food and Agriculture Organization’s institution’s forecasting methodology and integration of projections with historical data systems (2006). While serving at the World Bank, he created/managed the environmental monitoring system as Senior Advisor in Environment Department (1992-5) and overhauled the Bank’s decision support system for financial preferences, etc., as Chief of Comparative Analysis and Data (1986-92). Earlier in his career, John created and managed monitoring systems for international banking at the International Monetary Fund (1982-85); worked as ‘Knowledge broker’ between systems experts and economists on creating historical and projections data systems (1964-85) and worked on revision of the UN System of National Accounts (UNSNA) - both 1968 and 1992 revisions.

Photo of Uday Kothari

Uday Kothari

Programming Development Lead

sciGaia’s development team, run by Uday Kothari, creates programs, database resources, and web-based platforms. Uday has decades of experience running programing teams and has extensive programming, database, and project management experience. The team he manages has a wide range of expertise in programming, visualizations, user interface, project management, web services, complex databases, big data, blockchain technology, map-based systems, and data analysis.

Uday’s team can rapidly increase staffing to meet the challenges of large and diverse projects, and to bring in special expertise across a range of technologies. Uday has worked with Mr. Gannon for over 20 years and has built cutting edge software, including the first XBRL taxonomy tool, and the first implementation of wealth metrics on a community level.

Photo of Brent Brock

Brent Brock

Spatial Analysis and Mapping Lead

Brent Brock is a wildlife biologist and owner of HoloScene Wildlife Services LLC, a private consulting company dedicated to protecting and restoring ecological integrity at all scales. Brent has over 30 years’ professional experience in ecology and wildlife conservation. At the Konza Prairie Biological Station, he served as Information Manager and studied bison grazing ecology. While working for the Wildlife Conservation Society, he conducted a landscape-level wildlife conservation assessment of the Madison Valley in Montana. While at Craighead Institute, he incorporated theories of landscape ecology into the conservation of large, complex ecosystems.

Brent combines innovative analytical techniques with GIS mapping to combine landscape-scale conservation planning with local land use decision making. These tools help professionals and private land owners to make better decisions about land management to protect our wildlife and the habitat on which they depend. Brent plays a leading role in helping sciGaia design web-based geographical information systems, maps, overlays, data sets, and data analytics.

Photo of Sean Gannon

Sean Gannon

Visual Communications Consultant

Sean Gannon is a multifaceted creative: a graphic designer and front-end web developer with experience in visual identity, film making, user interface design, and information design.  Sean has over a decade of experience creating digital media across multiple disciplines, and his designs are formulated with refined utility and clear presentation of information as guiding priorities.

Sean plays a leading role in development of sciGaia’s software interfaces, visual identity, websites, and videos, and helps design visualizations that convert complex data into intuitive representations of those data.

Photo of Wendy Davidoff

Wendy Davidoff


Wendy Davidoff’s career spans over 30 years in the computing and building technology industries. Her background was developed in large multi-national companies like MacDonald Dettwiler and Associates, Motorola and Epic Data. Wendy has more than 10 years experience at the executive level shaping corporate divisions and start-up companies. She has held key positions responsible for corporate and product marketing, strategic planning, professional and customer services, operations, sales support and project management. This broad base of knowledge allows her to consult at virtually all levels in an organization.

As a principal at JR & W Consultants, Inc. for the past 10 years, Wendy has consulted to a variety of companies in Western Canada and the United States. As a strategic thinker, she is skilled in the design and execution of effective business programs to help clients conceive and act upon their corporate and product visions. The goal is to bring organizational clarity and focus. By creating and defining internal processes that are customer-centric, Wendy has shown a proven ability to build and broaden revenue bases while efficiently executing within operating budgets.

Photo of Rhyno Stinchfield

Rhyno Stinchfield

Senior Business Developer

Rhyno Stinchfield has been involved with the Renewable Energy and Sustainability sectors for over 35 years having conducted business in all 50 United States, Canada, the Caribbean, Mexico and abroad. Mr. Stinchfield’s primary focus has been on new, innovative technologies in wind, solar, battery storage and energy efficiency. He has consulted with companies such as Juhl Energy, Floating Island International, Energy Northwest, Acuity Power Group, Quad-Lock Building Systems and Taisei Wind Turbines. He has managed teams that presented first-class displays at conferences with over 100,000 attendees and developed extensive training programs including ones with the American Institute of Architects Continuing Education.

Mr. Stinchfield was also the founder of a Northern Rockies utility-scale wind development company. He has spoken at numerous energy conferences, is on the Advisory Board at Montana State University Billing’s City College and a member of the Clean Energy Task Force of Northern Plains Resource Council.

Photo of Rick Leary

Dr. Rick Leary

Healthcare Solutions Manager

Rick Leary brings over 30 year’s experience as a Family Physician and healthcare executive to his role as Healthcare Solutions Manager. Rick has an in-depth knowledge of healthcare and business operations, having designed and led transformation across the spectrum of a Fortune 15 Company, payers, hospitals and provider offices.

Rick is committed to improving the wellbeing of the people and communities he serves. Having retired from clinical practice, Rick came to Montana in service to that mission as an AmeriCorps Vista. He is currently serving with the Montana Primary Care Association; improving care for the most vulnerable patients at the Community Health Centers and Urban Indian Alliances. It is sciGaia’s vision of sustainable wellbeing and the vital role healthcare plays in our communities that drew him to this exciting organization.

Rick offers expertise and experience in Product Management, Big Data Analytics, Strategic Planning, clinical operations, software solutions, and Quality Improvement.

Peter Bing

Peter Bing

Solutions Consultant

Peter Bing has been leveraging technology to enable cross-functional collaboration for over 15 years. As a CPA, he has successfully combined financial and operational reporting, across multiple business functions, to deliver actionable insight for stakeholder groups.  Peter's project management experience includes enterprise software implementations, rebranding campaigns and the construction of exclusive residential estates. He uses systems thinking, probing models, and an understanding of ontologies and taxonomies within organizations to consistently provide creative decision-support solutions.

As a student and partitioner of permaculture, he has studied the intricate interdependencies between ecological, cultural and institutional systems. His interest in how these systems affect human, environmental, and societal wellbeing and exploring these relationships using data-driven insights has led him to sciGaia.

At sciGaia, Peter’s role is to manage client implementations and to liaise with our technical development team. Discovering a common vision through data aligns stakeholder goals and provides informed decision making that leads to measurable benefits for the organizations.

Amber Caldwell

Amber Caldwell

Healthcare Strategist

Amber Caldwell has been dedicated to healthcare for over 14 years. Her unique experience having co-founded an internationally recognized non-profit within a major academic institution led to various leadership roles impacting systems change. Her focus on surgical education and trauma system strengthening resulted in over 20 peer reviewed publications in leading academic medical journals and best practice teaching programs for resident education within orthopedic trauma. Her varied experience within the health sector locally and globally provides insight into the complex interface between clinical needs, economic constraints and heath policy concerns. Amber is the founder of Connect to Impact, LLC working with various health sector non profits and social impact organizations on strategic development, impact assessment and program implementation.

Amber is currently focused on sciGaia's Community Needs Tracker and the potential of Wealth Metrics to improve local and global health systems - access, efficiency and effectiveness. She is an advocate for the marginalized and is committed to sustainable, collaborative solutions for root cause issues.