sciGaia has world-class expertise in the science and art of systematically analyzing, translating, and knowing the limits of translation between real and financial values.

Consulting Services

Whatever your needs in our complex world that straddles real and financial values, sciGaia has the expertise to help you capture, understand, analyze, project and take principled action in the real and/or financial dimensions of your world.

  • If you’re a community health-focused NGO, sciGaia can show you where projected real needs are likely to outstrip your capacity, as well as how to calculate the Social Return On Investment for early childhood education or probation or substance abuse treatment or any kind of real social need.
  • If you’re an environmentally-focused NGO, like a water planner, sciGaia can show you where beneficial land use has water requirements that exceed projected supply as well as the economic impacts of changing environmental patterns (e.g., weather).
  • If you’re a corporation, sciGaia can show you how to calculate the real impacts and/or the financial risks associated with your current business practices.

Application Development

sciGaia can help you develop programs and web applications from scratch or create custom applications based on our existing platform.

Gallatin River Conservation Education Platform

sciGaia developed hydroLogic™, an online data-rich platform designed to help decision-makers and researchers understand the current and probable future state of water in their city, county, or state. The HydroLogic™ platform integrates a range of variables associated with the amount and quality of water within a given watershed or community, and evaluates how water is used by households, agriculture, commerce, recreation, and energy.

Interactive maps, visualizations, and what-if scenario tools allow you to see the key patterns associated with water and provide information that will allow you to make decisions related to managing water now and in the future.

HydroLogic™ - Wells in Gallatin Watershed

Projects & Research

sciGaia can help you research and analyze subject matters with objective and comprehensive evaluation, supported by authoritative data and stakeholder values.

Flathead Environmental Assessment

Water for Flathead's Future, a citizen coalition, commissioned sciGaia to evaluate the potential impacts of a proposed water bottling plant in a rural location. The publication helped draw attention to impacts of the proposed business across social, environmental, economic, and human variables. The study has been used as a central document for a community of concerned citizens.

Montana Renewable Portfolio Standard

Montanans for Good Jobs and Clean Air, in partnership with Renewable Northwest, commissioned sciGaia™ to conduct new research on the economic benefits of Montana’s Renewable Portfolio Standard.  The study has been used by the State to reflect on the 10 years since the RPS was passed.

Educational Videos

sciGaia can help you create short and impactful videos that will help deliver your message out to more people in less time.

sciGaia’s team can help you develop videos to present complex issues related to social, economic, environmental, or human factors. We can convert your concepts into scripts, original animations, photos, and videos (including drone video) that will help you communicate in an intuitive and stimulating manner.

Introduction to H2O Tools

The Four Corners Foundation

Slowing Down Water

The Four Corners Foundation